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TWIZE BAMBOO from South West Trading Company is of an outstanding quality. This fiber is made by grinding, wringing, and then combing the actual pulp from bamboo plants. (Did you know bamboo is actually a grass and can grow to over 100ft tall?) . Nothing else is added to the fiber......just bamboo! In hand, this fiber is cool, silky soft, and is easy to work with. Often compared to a high quality ramie, BAMBOO is hard to resist. Bamboo yarn is a natural for any garment as Bamboo is naturally an antibacterial fiber and garments made from bamboo will keep you smelling fresh all day!!!

Twize is 100% Bamboo and is a multi-plied yarn.  The yarn weighs a 100grams and is 110m.   Suggested gauge is 5 stitches and 6 rows equal 1 inch on US7 knitting needles.  It is suggested that you hand wash in warm water and dry flat. 

Below are the colors that twize comes in:

320 - Twen 321 - Twink 322 - Twing
323 - Twack 324 - Twurple 325 - Twue
326 - Twellow 327 - Twown 328 - Twed
329 - Twey 330 - Twocean