The S95 is compacter and lighter than any wheel on the market

The flyer and bobbins need to be taken off the wheel to obtain these folded sizes. The bobbins and flyer do fit within these sizes. Bobbin rack for plying to be decided yet.

Ratios: 1:6 - 1:8 - 1:13Bobbin capacity: about  140 gr (5 ounces)
Orifice: 9 mm (3/8")  


The Victoria comes in solid Oak and Beech.    click here to order:   




Lochem, 21-06-2006


Victoria has grown a bit.

For spinning wheels of the pre-production series, we made new main wheels and uprights, because we decided to enlarge the wheels to Ø 36 cm. Folded the Victoria now measures 55 x 36 x 14 cm and weights 3,5 kg. Unlike the development of my grand daughter this will be the final seizes of the S95. The Victoria now fits precisely in the bag that we choose for it. This bag can be carried as a hand bag, a shoulder bag or a back pack. It contains a lazy kate with two extra bobbins. The overall weight is 5,2 kg. Because of the larger wheel and not changing the pulley, the ratio’s became higher, but Victoria’s from production series will have ratio’s varying from ca. 1:6 to 1:14. Later on we will develop a high speed set for ratio’s higher than 1:20 .

Both versions will have the three holes in the wheel. On the picture, the beach one is ready to use and the oak wheel is folded:



Lochem, 19-07-2006


Victoria has her own logo.

On the bag and on the wheel her name will be printed in a new logo. This new logo will unite the word Victoria and the well-known Louët logo. The word Victoria is used, the way it was written on the announcement of the new spinning wheel that Louët North America send out to the dealers. Therefore, the new Logo was designed at both sides of the ocean.

The logo will be printed on the upright of the wheel, at the level where the holes of the main wheel pass. Remarkably, the logo stays in sight even if the wheel turns slowly, due to the slowness of our eyes.

Meanwhile we are building a last proto type, to realise some improvements, in consequence of the test experiments. Tomorrow our factory closes for summer holyday and at the 14th of august; we will be back, rested and refreshed to start production of the first series Victoria’s.

My grand daughter is very well and I promised her a royalty of 10 cent per wheel. Now she believes to become very rich. She mailed me her picture and called it "slapend rijk" (sleeping rich is Dutch expression for becoming rich without doing anything for it).

Jan Louët