January 27, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

I'm going to try and review restuarants I have dined at in Eugene and Lane county and anywhere else in Oregon and then work on places in California where I have eaten. 

My first review will be on Stacy's Covered Bridege Restuarant.  I've had many meals there both lunch and dinner and my favorite is their Monday Night Prime Rib Special. As I type this, the price is stilla dollar an ounce for your Prime Rib so you can order exactly the amount of beef you want to eat.  The Prime Rib is cooked to prefection and I order mine rare.  I would also reccomend their onion straws for an appetizer, as they are to die for crsipy and hot and fresh!  They also make the best Ceasar Sala I have had in ...

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