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Silk Fibers for Spinning > Tussah Silk Noils 4 oz.
Tussah Silk Noils 4 oz.

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Silk Noils are the crushed bits of pupa mixed with the short silk fibers that are left behind from the spinners. Tussah has a very beautiful natural golden color to it. Tussah silk will take dyes wonderfully. You can use silk noils in several ways. I like to spin the Tussah noils by themselves to amke a nice textured silk yan for that "rustic look", or you can dye the niol and then card in some of the colored noil or undyed silk noil into your favorite wool or other spinning fiber. The noils will then give your yarn a textured look, and if the silk has been dyed the noils will add flecks of color throught your spun yarn.
This fiber would be wonderful as a shawl, vest, or even a lightweight summer sweater. The possiblities are endless with silk noils.!
Photo of a Wild Silk Moth