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Mystery Clubs Batts and Hand Painted  Rovings

A lot of my customers have been asking me to produce Mystery Batts that they can get each month that are unique and different.  So, I'm starting a MYSTERY BATT OF THE MONTH CLUB...  With a variety of options.  Good news is that shipping and handling are included in your subscription price and the price will not go up during your subscription.   MEMEBERSHIP IS LIMITED as I can only produce so many batts for each month.   


FIBER BRAIDS OF THE MONTH CLUB... This club is for those that want hand painted rovings in merino and in a Targhee/silk/bamboo blend.  I may add different breeds/blends if I come across something to dye for. The roving braids are 3 ounces each and each monthly shipment will be a different color.  I do a limited amount of each color and there may be extras you can buy once you see the braid, but if you know you want more than one order two a month and save a bit on the braids.



Unfortunately, due to high cost of shipping parcels outside the United States I can only allow members from the United States and US territories and military addresses.