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Mountain Shadow Ranch eBay Store Mountain Shadow Ranch eBay Store
This is my ebay store where you can see many other fine products that I carry.  I have spinning and weaving equipement listed along with many spinning fibers and unique yarns.  Anything you see in my ebay store, I can sell to you directly, off ebay. I can always do phone orders, and customize amounts of fibers and yarns that you need for a specific project.  Please email me for more information at: teresa@mountain-shadow-ranch.net

Shaggy Bear is owned by a friend of mine, Wendy and she is a fantastic lady whose mission is to rescue sheep and raise very rare breed sheep.  As of this post she has about 300 sheep in many, many  different breeds.  I have known her for many years and we try to always get next to each other at craft fairs we both attend.  I highly suggest checking out her website and buying some of her rare breed fibers or yarns.  Oh, I must add she dyes her yarns herself but has a mill spin her fibers for her. 


Kuvasz Fanciers of America

PO Box 80596
Bakersfield CA 93380 

Kuvasz Fanciers of America, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
We are also certified as a tax exempt charitable corporation in the State of California.
Your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

This is a great organizaton and you can find out about the breed of dog I own here.  Right now, we just have one Kuvasz, Lavender Lil', but will be adding a male puppy soon to the family.

Ohman Livestock Company Ohman Livestock Company

I've know the Ohman's for many years.  If you are looking for a nice Cotswold or Wesleydale sheep for a nice spinning fleece, they have them.  They also raise southdown sheep, Limousin cattle.  The Ohman sheep are on the voluntary Scapie program and have been on this program for over 5 years, so are at the highest level of certification.  Please visit their website for more info.

Mountian Shadow Ranch at Etsy

I have an Etsy store front besides having an eBay shop in case you prefer one over the other.