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Silk Fibers for Spinning > Sari Silk Waste Fibers 8 oz
Sari Silk Waste Fibers 8 oz

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This silk is from Nepal, and this is the same fibers that go into making the Himalayan Brand Silk Waste Yarns. I have been working closely with the importer to import the unspun fibers, we finally did it and they are here!

Wonderful color variety! When ordering 8 ounces I will give you what I can in variety. The shredded Saris are fibers that run from a foot to a yard in length. If using the fiber for weaving, just cut at the selvege edges the width you want and weave ii like you would use "rags" or wide ribbon as weft in your weaving project. For spinning, what I will do is cut up some of the shredded silks to give you a variety for spinning. Doll and Fairy hair folks, go wild and use your imagination as to how to have fun with this. I spin the fibers by cutting them up into 4-6 inch lengths and I leave the fabric ends on for texture. The drop spindle I used to spin the Sari Silk on was made by Alden Amos and weighs 2.5 ounces as he made it for spinning Cotswold wool on and heavier yarns for me. This sari silk is so much fun to spin and it makes an easy to spin eyelash yarn in no time at all. There are so many ways to think of to spin this, I hope you think of some I haven't tried yet!

I try and give an assortment of all the various colors you see but there are lots of colors that are not shown in the photograph and each shipment is different.