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Silk Hankie 14 grams

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Each silk hankie weighs approximately 4-5 grams for each cap. Many cocoons make up a silk hankie, to show this in one of the photos i peeled apart a hankie and got ten layers or streched out cocoons. I took another photo of just one hankie piece to show how light and see through they are, and yes they are very light as I caught of photo of one of the single hankies floating off in the afternoon breeze!


You can spin with the silk hankies by taking the hankie and peeling off a layer which is one cocoon. Then take the layer and punch a hole in the middle and start streching it out into a large circle. Eventually it will be streched enough to where you may pull it apart so now you have a length of silk. Keep streching the silk out till it is fine and the roving is ready to spin. At this point you may also just put some light finger twist into the "roving" and directly knit with it. It makes a wonderful scarf this way.