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Ramie 4 ounces

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Ramie is also known as China Grass, or rhea and is in the bast fiber family. It is a hardy perennial and belongs to the nettle family. Ramie may be harvested up to 6 times a year. Ramie has a high luster, an unusual resistance to bacteria and molds, and is twice as strong as flax and 3-5 times stronger than cotton. Ramie has an interesting history, as it was one of the fibers used to make mummy cloths back in ancient Egypt. Ramie has been cultivated for at lest 5000 years. The fiber is pure white in color and has a silky texture. The fiber is also has a natural ability to resist stains, dyes fairly easy, increases in strength when wet, the smooth lustrous appearances increases with washing, and does not shrink! A truly under used fiber of our time! It spins up as easy as silk or easier. It has a feel similar to bamboo. Once you spin and use it, you’ll never want to give it up. The plant itself is easy to raise, but the labor cost involved in getting it to a spinning form is very costly, but well worth the effort!
This fiber would be wonderful as a shell top, blouse, or even a lightweight summer sweater. The possiblities are endless with Ramie!