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"Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles" by Cat Bordhi

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This sock pattern book teaches you with step by step instruction on how to make socks on two circular needles. The book comes with photos and several patterns from a simple basic sock pattern to fancy socks and a pattern that lets you knit the socks from the toes up! Cat Bordhi is a terrific writer and gives reccomendations on what needles and yarns to use with the patterns. I have used Cat's book to teach myself how to knit on two circular needles and it was easy to follow her instructions. I am now hooked on using two circular needles for just about everything that is knitted in the round! Using two circular needles goes four times faster in knitting socks than when you use double points. I have found with circular needles my hands and wrists don't get tired and I can knit faster and longer! If you have any questions about this auction, please email me and I'll try and respond to you the same day if possible.