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Yarn Ball Winders > Lacis Wool Yarn ball winder Plastic 1 pc
Lacis Wool Yarn ball winder Plastic 1 pc

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Product Information:
Lacis Wool Yarn ball winders are a mechanical device for winding yarn into a coreless ball, typically from a skein form. It clamps on a table and allows you to wind a center-pull ball by simply winding a handle. It works very well when yarn is used and supported in conjunction with a swift to allow uniform transfer. Swift's are available and sold separately. The winders come with a spindle or bobbin that will hold your yarn and create your wound balls. Your finished ball can be withdrawn from the winder by simply pulling off from underside of ball. winders are made of hard plastic with a metal yarn guide, metal geared base, clamp and more. A must in every knitting supply cabinet! 1 pc- Red and Cream in color, base is approximately 3 1/2"x 5" and is 8" tall when the bobbin spindle is attached.