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Falkland Island Wool

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Falkland Islands Sustainable Wool

Imagine an unpolluted environment with clear blue skies, seamless horizons and vast, unspoiled open spaces. That’s the Falkland Islands. This isolated archipelago, some 300 miles east of the Patagonian coastline in the Atlantic Ocean, just happens to be an ideal place to raise sheep. And for more than 160 years, the farmers on these remote, windswept islands have done so naturally, without harsh chemicals or callous practices. The result is an exceptional, sustainable wool – dazzling white and soft to the touch.

While there are easier places to reach, Ashland Bay is proud to source pure organic Polwarth wool and organic Polwarth-and-Silk blends from the Falkland Islands. Because we put as much care into finding the world’s finest fibers, as you do transforming them into something beautiful.