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Akorem to

Akorem   Akorem came to me from Ohman Livestock Company.  I borrowed him from the Ohmans to use as a ram back in 2001 and they offered to sell him to me since I was happy with him.  I used him one more year and then turned him into a wether.  Akorem is gentle and friendly.  He has a lovely variegated silver gray fleece.  Akorem is a purebred natural colored cotswold.

Akuta   Akuta is a purebred Cotswold wether and was born in 2001.  Akuta is the son of Mc Coy.  Mc Coy is still on the ranch but he will be 10 in 2005 and Mc Coy's fleece is reserved for me now.  Akuta is a grandson of Solo.

Alicia    Alicia was born in 2001.  Alicia is a purebred Cotswold.  She is a daughter of Katie, and has a wonderful fleece.

..Brenna   Brenna was born in 1998 and her mom was Captian Kate Janeway who had a super lovely fleece that was very silky to the touch.  Her daughter has inherited her fleece.  Brenna is a purebred Cotswold.

Checkov   Checkov was born in 2002 and is a purebred natural colored Cotswold.  Checkov is a born traveler!  Before we moved to Oregon, he got to be one of the two sheep I took everyday with me to the California State Fairgrounds farm for school tours in the sping of 2005.  He met over 5000 children and got tobe petted and hugged by them all.  Once, when my truck broke down I loaded him and Jon Luc up in the back of the PT Cruiser along with my friends Angora goat, and a goose in the front seat to get them there in time for the school tours!  You should of seen the looks we got from the people in their cars!  If you tell either Checkov of Jon Luc that they can go bye bye, they are right there at the gate waiting to jump in the horse trailer, or car or a van!

Gary 7
Gary is a Ramboulliet/Romney cross. He is a real sweetheart and very smart.  Gary is the son of Della, who has her own story.  Gary is a Ramboulliet/Romeny cross.


Gem is a beuatiful ewe and is the daughter of Gary and Vena.  She is a very soft brownish gray and her fleece spins wonderfully

Jon Luc is a purebred Cotswold Jon Luc is Carol's son and there for a Solo grandson and great-grandson.  Jon was born on Feb. 16th, 2001.  His dad is Akorem.  Jon Luc was named after Jon Luc Piccard in the tv series Star Trek, The Next Generation.

 Scotty Jr. is a purebred Cotswold and has been adopted.  Scotty is a great grandson of Solo and was born soon after I lost my original Scotty, who was my very first sheep.  He is very much like his great great uncle, and his fleece is some of the best.

 T'Pring is a purebred Cotswold


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