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Retired Ranch Sheep
Miri is an older ewe of mine and is not available for adoption.  Miri is the daughter of Solo.  Miri had a very bad cancerous tunor in her nasal passage and it was sucessfully removed three years ago by the vets at U.C. Davis.  Because the cancer could come back, Miri is not available for adoption.  Miri was born on Feb. 2, 1996.  Miri has given me many lambs, and is spending her golden years being well loved and having all the pasture grass to eat that she wants.
Carol  is one of my favorite sheep.  She is a daughter of my first ram, Solo.  Her dad was an amazing guy.  Solo at the age of 3 months, before I had purchased him, was attacked by a mountain lion.  Solo was the sole survivor of the mountain lion attack that wiped out 7 sheep in one pen late at night at a nearby ranch.  We found Solo lying in some bushes, barely alive.  We took him to the vet and she did what she could for him.  After several weeks of nursing him (Solo had a broken neck, with 3 crushed vertebrae), we knew Solo was going to survive.  At that time, I had been paying for vet bills, so we transferred ownership to me and he came to live with me.  During his lifetime he gave me many lambs, most of which were ewes.  Solo has passed on, but his daughters, sons, grandchildren and many more generations live on.  They all have the same things in common; very tame and friendly, great fleece, and are survivors.  Carol is a purebred Cotswold. Carol was born in 1994.
Selok is a purebred Natural Colored Cotswold and is retired from the adoption program. Selok is nicknamed Silly, as she is a silly sheep!  Selok was born in 1997, and the photo shown was her last year as a mom.  Now she is retired from breeding and just produces some very nice fleece for spinning
Toral and his sister were born in January of 1994.  Toral and his twin were bottle lambs and spent the first 3 months of their lives in the family room of our house as it was too cold for them to be outside without a mom to look after them.  Toral is a mixed breed sheep.  He is part ramboulliet, hamshire, cotswold, and a lot of everything else.  Toral is a lot better behaved than his sister and loves to spend his time getting his back scratched by a human.  His fleece is a medium fine fleece, and I love spinning it and since it is a light grey fleece I sometimes over dye it for interesting colors.  I sometimes have extra of his fleece to sell.  Please email me, if you are interested.  Toral gets his name from The Nest Generation Star Trek Episodes.  Toral Durass is the younger brother of Lursa, and this is fitting since Lursa was the first born of the twins.  Toral's sister passed away in April of 2007, she went peacefully during the night and I'm still grieving for her.

My llama Sierra standing over the flock.  Sierra is one of the guradians of the flock. along with my horse Danny, the two of them protect the flock at night.  sierra has very wonderful fiber and I'm hording that all to myself.






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